How Exercise Saved My Life During Postpartum Depression

I know that you are scared because you can’t articulate the feelings you are experiencing, except to say it is chaos.

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  • The symptoms of postpartum depression can start immediately, but it can also start months after giving birth. In my case, it started three months later. It started out worse at night. I would lay awake, terrified he would stop breathing or somehow the blanket would cover his face and suffocate him.
  • I figured I had the baby blues, and it would go away, but it didn’t. Postpartum depression lingers for months or longer.
  • Gradually, my thoughts began to change. They became more troubling. I began thinking that it might be okay if he didn’t wake up. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t tell anyone. I knew I could handle it.
  • But, it got worse. I became lethargic. I lost interest in talking to friends. I lost interest in talking to anyone. It wasn’t until I was driving home one day and thought, it will be okay if I just drive off the road and crash into the open field, that I realized I needed to do something about how I was feeling.

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